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Ultra-Support Life Changing Transformation Package: Achieve Your Goals easily, quickly, with maximum ease!

What I offer in the Ultra-Support Life Changing Transformation Package:

One extra-long Therapy Session each week of 90 minutes, with almost an hour of supportive Talking Therapy, followed by 25 mins Relaxation and Hypnosis

Email support between our sessions (Monday-Friday) for 3 months

A planned goal each week of your choosing, however small or large

Chosen accountability towards achieving these goals

A ‘Map’ of the steps we will take to move you towards your amazing Goals



The 3 Month Package is £3600 and payable either in advance or in instalments.


Instalments can be paid monthly (£1200 pcm) or weekly (£300 pw) and will be agreed in advance. This is so that we both know you are fully committed to your progress, and to reaching your life-changing goals. So that you can CHANGE FOR GOOD.

This is a goal-oriented package and takes commitment from both of us. We work closely for 3 months, with your goals in mind.

The rewards can be huge and can CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD!

Investing in yourself is investing in your Future!

We will work together to find a day and time of your choice. I can also offer flexibility should the time need to change depending on work or other commitments.

How would you like to achieve your goals in 3 months? For your life to change for good in front of your eyes?

My 3-month Package, The Ultra Support Life Transformation Package, helps you do just that!

What this includes:

One extra-long Hypnotherapy session each week, with two thirds of the session (one hour) being talking therapy, and one third of the session being a lovely long Hypnosis Session.

The second part of the Session will help you to embed in your subconscious mind all the steps we've identified as being helpful to you in achieving your goals.

This is a longer session at 90 minutes each week, allowing you plenty of time.

In these sessions I am able to offer you more support than the usual shorter sessions, thus facilitating faster, more confident, more self-assured changes.

I also offer you email support Monday-Friday between your weekly sessions over the 3 months between 10am and 4pm.*

*I will reply by email as soon as I can.

Many of my clients who find this package helpful have OCD or anxiety; others have general anxiety, health issues, often long-standing; this package is incredibly effective at helping to move you forward in life. It’s also incredibly effective at keeping and maintaining the momentum needed to propel yourself forward towards your goals!

It offers you the maximum support of all the packages I offer. If you choose to totally commit to achieving your goals, I will be delighted to work with you, supporting you all the way.

This all inclusive Ultra Support Life Transformation Package is £3600 for 3 months. Please contact me and let's get started!

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