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When working with me you will have the choice of a full session of Talking Therapy, or a half session of Talking Therapy followed by a Trance/Hypnosis Session.

The choice is always yours, though I will help you make the right decision for you depending what you’d like to achieve.


The model of Talking Therapy I use is SFBT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy.


This is an incredibly powerful talking Therapy designed to help you achieve what you’d like to in life in the shortest time.

During the Initial Consultation I will be able to let you know how many sessions will be right for you. The great thing is this form of therapy works much quicker than more traditional forms of Talking Therapy.

This is because this model is brain based, research based, and science based, and will get you to where you want and need to be in as short a time as possible.

It is a Therapy suited to almost everyone for almost anything. So that regardless of what you bring to Therapy, this model is designed to help you. Not only that, it isn’t necessary for you to go into detail about what is troubling you for you to make positive changes. This is especially important for trauma when talking about past issues may be difficult and worsen symptoms of anxiety.

Imagine taking a drive on a sunny day when you programme your SatNav and find you reach your destination easily and quickly. Well, imagine you programmed your SatNav with where you don’t want to go... to a place you don’t enjoy being. That, basically, is how we as human beings are programmed to behave and think, to spend a lot of time in our minds dwelling on how we don’t want things to be.

Instead, I will help you re-programme your mind so that your thoughts, feelings and behaviours support you. So that you start getting what you want from your life, rather than what you don’t want. It’s quick, easy, and manageable; some would say fun too!

The process can be exciting, and certainly life changing.


Initial Consultation: £145

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