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Working with Teenagers and Young People age 10-25 years
A Practical Guide

19TH MAY 2024


This CPD will equip you with the knowledge and research necessary to feel confident working with young people.


The 10-25-year age group are probably the most at risk of severe anxiety, depression, self-harming, suicide, cyber-bullying and feeling overwhelmed.


We will explore and learn about this area in mental health that is in need of more trained professionals.


*Mental Illness in Young People

*How the Brain Works in Young People and how this differs to the workings of the adult brain

*Hormones and Neurotransmitters – which ones are helpful and how young people can better access and use them

*The Therapeutic Alliance when working with teenagers and adolescents

*The Parents – how and when to involve them. What is their role?

*Is it business as usual? We look at where and how things differ

*How the IC differs when we’re working with Young People, with a specific new Initial Consultation Information Gathering sheet

*Peers, teachers and parents: helping young people understand how to communicate better and more easily

*Alternatives to use for the MQ, and Specific SF Questions that work especially well with this age group

*How to cope better with stress

*Language patterns/Metaphors – how to make them relevant and particular. As well as several new LPs and Metaphors for you to take away and use in your Practice that are especially relevant when working with children and young people.

* Topical issues - the very latest issues that are most affecting young people today, often complex and diverse.

*Case Studies – a selection of case studies throughout this age range to inform and improve your Practice with this age group. Includes several complex cases that will show you how we would work in these circumstances.

During the morning we will look at the mental health of young people today, together with the current environment they are living in. The issues they are likely to seek our help for.

In the afternoon we will look at how we can apply our knowledge, skills, techniques, therapy and hypnosis to help young people of 10-25 years.

We will have a coffee break in the morning and afternoon, as well as taking a break for lunch.

Date of Course: 19th May 2024


Investment: £105 


"Excellently energising course to help us find our mojo working with a challenging demographic in such uncertain times. I can’t recommend it highly enough."


"Highly recommended, so much useful content from a very knowledgeable teacher and trainer."


"Thank you so much Julie. What a wonderful CPD! Brilliantly put together and so succinct! Wonderful of you to share your experience and expertise!"


"I have worked as a teacher for 30 years and for the past 10 years I have been working with highly vulnerable young people and I found your talk fascinating and crammed full of revelations. The knowledge I gained will be invaluable in my work but also priceless as I apply my knowledge to our family life"


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