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Teens and Children Matter/Teens and Children’s Matters

This begins with a one-hour Initial Consultation with one or both Parents, or an adult Caregiver over Zoom, where we will discuss your child or young person’s issues and any concerns you may have, together with what you hope they will gain from Hypnotherapy with me.


This Session also gives me an idea of your young person or child’s home environment, and you can tell me anything else you feel may be relevant. This also gives me an opportunity to ask you any questions I may have.


Parent Initial Consultation


Fee: £145 – One hour


I’ll then have a 50-minute to one-hour Initial Consultation session over Zoom with your child or teenager.

Fee: £145 – up to One hour


Knowing we’re all happy, we will then book in 6 Hypnotherapy sessions (weekly) for your child or teenager.


Fee: £720

Please note this fee is payable in full before Session One.


We can review things at the end of the 6 Sessions. If further sessions are needed, we can discuss this.


Please note it’s sometimes beneficial for me to work with a Parent also and for them to have a couple of sessions with me. Sometimes both Parents - either together or separately - this can help you in supporting your child.


Very occasionally I might recommend seeing me all together as a family in Sessions.

Sometimes a parent or caregiver can find themselves struggling with parenting a child or teenager, and this is increasingly common in our ever-changing world. Just as these times are unprecedented for children and teenagers, they’re unprecedented for parents.


If I feel it will be helpful, I will contact you and ask if you’d like to book in for a Session yourself. These sessions aim to give you help, education, support and further understanding in your role as a parent, as well as a truly relaxing, calming Hypnosis couch session that is bespoke to you. Similarly, if you feel you’d like to book in for a Session, please contact me.

Please note I am fully qualified and experienced in working with children, teenagers, young people, parents, adults and couples/relationships. I hold an enhanced current DBS check which is fully updated in line with current guidelines and regulations from my Governing bodies.

Since graduating over 30 years ago in the Psychology of Education and as a Therapist, I have worked with students from Universities, Sixth Form Colleges, Secondary Schools and Primary Schools, in the role of Student Support and Therapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I regularly attend Zoom or in person Sessions with Schools to help Teachers / Pastoral / Head Teachers understand better any Pupil / Student who is struggling with their mental health that I am seeing in Therapy Sessions. I liaise with parents and teaching staff, helping them to support the young person well in school.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, we all know that the effects are being felt far and wide, and in particular in children and young people. A large area of my work is working with children and young people who can no longer face going to school. In England at this time in some counties – Somerset for example – 25% of pupils at some time feel they can’t go into school for mental health reasons. This makes up a huge part of my client list. I work with pupils and parents to enable the young person to return to school in the best way for them. Please contact you if your child/children have been affected and can’t go into school.

I also work with schools to help them better understand the needs of any pupil or student who is neurodiverse. I often re-contract here the school timetable, to better suit and reflect the needs of the child or teenager.

£145 – up to one hour

“Hello Julie, Tom has asked me to cancel Thursday’s appointment. He is doing really well, going to the gym daily and helping with the gardening etc, even doing his Gran’s gardening. I feel I have Tom back in teenage form!! He’s so lovely! You have played a huge role in this…..every now and again he will quote you….Julie says!! Thank you so much. Adele x"

Tom had Emetophobia (fear of being sick and eating), he wasn’t sleeping, was agoraphobic, and hadn’t been to school for a year. Within 8 Sessions they were back at school and taking GCSE’s.

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